Manage Your Numbers Course

In our Manage Your Numbers course, you will learn how to regularly report on key operational and financial metrics for your business and use those reports to make informed business decisions. This course is 6-weeks long and is suited for entrepreneurs who are preparing to receive funding and need to confidently manage funds and business performance.

Financial Forecasting Course

In our Financial Forecasting Course, you will review the key components of a business’ financial forecast and refine your financial forecast for your business. This course is 6-weeks long and is suited for entrepreneurs who are looking to gain a better understanding of the numbers behind their business and create a realistic financial forecast for growth and funding.

Business Advising

We offer customized business advising services to help freelancers, small business owners, and startup founders build thriving businesses. We match entrepreneurs with our business advisors who provide tailored, hands-on assistance with your business needs. In addition, we provide you with access to relevant content and activities to guide you through business processes that fit your needs.

Funding a Business Course

In our Funding a Business Course, we guide you through a hands-on process for evaluating funding alternatives, presenting to potential funders and navigating a funding process. This course is 12-weeks long and is well suited for entrepreneurs looking to raise funding for a business with social impact.