Retention Advising

Retention Advising


In collaboration with governments and non-profit organizations, we offer customized business advising services to support small businesses and non-profits that are at risk of displacement or closure. We offer free one-on-one business advising to help you create an action plan, find funding, and implement your plan to maintain and grow your business in your community.

Our Partners

Who is Eligible?

Existing independently-owned small businesses and non-profits based in the locations above:

  • Are potentially at risk of displacement or closure
  • Have the potential to retain existing jobs or create new jobs in their community
  • Need business support to stay in place or relocate elsewhere in their community
  • Can commit the time and effort to put in place a plan to maintain and grow their business

How Do We Help?

We offer free customized, one-on-one business advising to help you maintain and grow your small business or non-profit in your community.

Create an Action Plan

  • Develop strategies to increase your sales and profitability
  • Prepare to renew your existing commercial lease or find a new space
  • Research costs to upgrade, relocate or expand your business
  • Plan for retirement by developing a succession plan

Find Funding

  • Learn what funding options are available and how to access them
  • Prepare documentation to raise money
  • Connect with potential funders
  • Get assistance in navigating the funding process

Implement Your Plan

  • Create or enhance your online presence
  • Improve your operations, finances, and administration
  • Mitigate business disruption before, during and after relocation
  • Transition ownership of your business

Own Your Future