Know Your Numbers Course

In our Know Your Numbers Course, you will learn how to set up and update an accounting system for your business, how to process financial transactions, and how to track the financial health of your business by generating meaningful reports. The course is 6-weeks long and is suited for entrepreneurs looking to organize their financial information in a systematic way to make informed business decisions.

Financial Forecasting

In our Financial Forecasting Course, you will review the key components of a business’ financial forecast and refine your financial forecast for your business. This course is 6-weeks long and is suited for entrepreneurs who are looking to gain a better understanding of the numbers behind their business and create a realistic financial forecast for growth and funding.

Be Your Own Boss Bootcamp

In our Be Your Own Boss Bootcamp, you will take a deeper look at your personal goals and whether starting a business can help you achieve them. You will also look at what you need to have in place to make a sustainable transition to business ownership. This class is 4-weeks long and is well suited for individuals who are considering starting their own business.